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Dedicated to Keagan Thomas Clark
In loving memory of Jackson Grim Denton III


released June 14, 2014

all songs written by Sean Clark

recorded and mixed in my basement in West Chester from January 2013 to June 2014

Austin Burkey on drums for all tracks except "guide" and "drop a line"
John Wesley Heywood on bass for "fool's gold" and "dessie jackson"
Pleb on drums, keys and vocals for "guide"

thanks to Eric Teitsworth for letting me use his drum kit
thanks to Tyler Lauletta for lending me his bass
thanks to Bones for lending me his midi controller

image for the cover art thanks to Mike



all rights reserved


line leader Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: the future
safe in the light
in the day
sun is shining
and i belong to you
and you make me happy
but you went away
and i was alone
guess i'll just wait

trapped within an endless night
if i could keep you here i might
i wanted you so
but you are a wild thing
i could wait my whole life
i already died
i was never alive
Track Name: fool's gold
one of these days i'm gonna walk out of my head
one of these nights i'm gonna find myself again
the colors in between will bleed revealing others underneath
it's just my lucid dream
i gotta let it out
i gotta settle down

guess that i heard you were comin back my way
and after all these years you still got nothing left to say
been counting all my sins you know i'm gonna turn it round again
but you're my only friend
i gotta let you out
i gotta settle down

you been thinkin bout someone you don't really know
if you rush into love you'll end up with fool's gold
no mysteries left to discover round here
you been hangin around for the last seven years
Track Name: the listener
she'll come down, tell you what she's cryin bout
she needs a listener now
let you in, show you where she's wearing thin
she's not so easy to mend
can't you see? the damage already done makes me weak at my knees

but how does it go? i'm too gone to remember
i know you shouldn't be talking to me
time heals all wounds but the scars stay forever
somehow i knew you were still listening

you see yourself in another life
you slip away like a passerby
you're waking up in the morning light, you know you're here
you feel yourself start to change inside
you come apart like the great divide, but you won't change your mind

can't make plans, tell me that you understand
we both got somewhere to be
don't get me wrong, i still love our favorite song
you never wanted to sing, it doesn't matter to me
you're so mean
she says she knows that my friends are all pot smoking fiends

but i won't pretend like i have all the answers
when's the last time you've had something to eat?
got to the end but i'm stuck on it after
hanging around when there's nothing to see

the end is near, the path is clear
the words keep ringing in your ear
you couldn't hide your deepest fear
the sacred eye, the holy tear
the hourglass falls from your hand
the endless miles of golden sand
i saw a light behind your eyes
the inner workings of your mind
you're like a fire in the night
a burning light a flashing sign
Track Name: lifted
i'm trapped inside of a tiny box where it's just the walls and me
and my friends and everyone i've met in my head
and they're not leaving yet

i thought i saw you across the room and an endless field of trees
and a light that shone down from above
and a voice that called me to my love and said that
nothing could go wrong in this world so long as i had my girl
and i knew she wanted me

the dream was lifted
i was awake and completely on my own
but your shape, your presence lingers
and your grace, you trace my fingers

i left my bed and i left my home in the middle of the night
and the air was still and silent
and my mind was like an island
and everything i wanted to say,
it came out clear as the day i let you into my life

and now you're gone but i still feel you
did we ever know the real you?
and did you ever find what's missing?
when you talk is no one listening?
yeah we knew you had the vision
you've been making bad decisions
and no one's gonna back you up
Track Name: cheap magic
the first time i ever held a gun, it backfired. i was stunned
the first time i ever held your hand,
i felt warm inside, i was a brand new man
and everything worked out just like i plan
the first time i ever ran away
the sun was out, my brain was far away
was this the first time you ever left this world?
well you've come back a very different girl
just let the verses carry you until

oh no

it's like a hurricane, it's like a hovercraft
it's like a rush inside my head, it's just a feeling that i get,
i take it from you

visions beyond your wildest dreams
and nothing is exactly as it seems
the room spins, the walls began to breathe
this nightmare land grows deeper as we speak
so we discuss all of my finer feelings

the future is shaking through your soul
the way you turn is all in your control
i could help you to find your way back home
but you said that you'd rather be alone
our separate selves slipped into the unknown
Track Name: east coast beach ghost
coals burnin low, watch it glow til it's gone
ghost movin slow up the coast, movin on
all the creeps, and the burnouts,
out of touch, out of reach, as it turns out
they're still the ones having all of the fun
your folks just hold you up and your friends are a letdown
the smoke might choke you up, but as long as the sun's out
you better hold that shit deep down inside

took my baby to the ocean
came crashing down with the seasick notion
one day my love will swallow me whole
took my skateboard thru the graveyard
u died a hundred years before i was born
but i've heard all of the stories before
hazy day, hazy day, coming back in waves
play with my emotions
can't explain, can't behave, baby i'm your slave
tear my heart right open

they should make a holiday in your name, and put it on your birthday
i should bring some flowers down to your grave, for the day you left me
Track Name: got it bad
i thought i told you not to come here no more
my heart keeps beating as you pound on the door
there is a garden that i grow in my head
but all my thoughts for you are rotten or dead

you got it bad

she wears long dresses, she changes her hair
she got your message but she doesn't care
i know you're thinkin you're sinkin in deep
she gives you lovin that you don't get to keep

you got it bad
Track Name: guide (ft. pleb)
you know i like the way you walk
and honey i could spot you from a mile away
the world can make me feel so small
so tell me how you're gonna make me feel today

the lines from your perspective go out in all directions
but which ones lead you back?
you'd better mark your tracks or else

your loss is not my problem

it comes from other countries
and we get it every year
we bury it in boxes
and we pump it in our ears

i could be the man that you saw in me
i've got a lot of big plans, i've been planting the seeds
and maybe one day in the shade of my tree
you could ditch the sun and come hang out with me
i could understand why you wanted to leave

but i could be your guide
and every pathway
i'd have you by my side
i love you madly

and i could make you laugh just like i used to
and i could make you mad just like i used to

that's worthless pain in the end
and worthless senses, what's out there?
cause my ears know i shouldn't see you
and i'm almost at the corner
and the head is out to beaches where it's warmer
our knees are falling apart
our eyes seek a million things we cannot




made it hurt to fall, hearts are over that
oh, my feet have found her
love this beach but the surf was crap this year

our loss, nothing's tossin
Track Name: drop a line
i dress like a man
but i think like a continental army
misplaced once again
who cares who has fun at their own parties?

all the girls were lookin right my way but they won't see me
another boy was standing in my place, it's so misleading

who knows when it began?
when it will end?
will it begin again?
you lead me by the hand
back to the warmth
back to the golden land

if you think you can hang
if you think you got what it takes to know me
drop a line when you can
no prayers but the words you sing are holy

i was lost and drifting for a while but i still found you
darling don't you know you're just my style?
i'm glad i found you

if i had time to know you back
to make you mine, to make a good thing last
i don't have much to give
it's not so bad, i got a life to live
Track Name: fossil rock (big little brother)
where did you hide? you're invisible!
you're so damn original
one hand in the mystical
one foot in the door
down here on the floor

i think i know where you're going to
no more than i wanted to
the path that's in front of you
well i've been there before
waved back to the shore

i know you much better than they ever will
my love grows in the shade
and i've come so much closer to taking a spill
they want pink lemonade
or do they wanna lose their minds?
talkin in their sleep or have they just gone blind?

our eyes will adjust to the fading light
we left in the dead of night
for the rock by the riverside
let down from above,
felt the water hold me up

how far down do you think it goes?
i doubt that we'll ever know
but i found another hole
and it's deep in my chest
set me from the rest

i spent so much time getting closer to you
you don't know what you've done
we'll both go our own ways when you say it's through
do you feel like you've won?
or do you wanna apologize?
do you know the way you made me feel inside?
Track Name: better
i feel better
but here comes the crisis
i feel it rising in me
i think you like it
i think you wanna see me
who's in control?
losing my hold
don't know which way to go but i know

i'm so alone