The Listener (Single)

by line leader

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the single from seeds, out June 14th, 2014


she'll come down, tell you what she's cryin bout
she needs a listener now
let you in, show you where she's wearing thin
she's not so easy to mend
can't you see? the damage already done makes me weak at my knees

but how does it go? i'm too gone to remember
i know you shouldn't be talking to me
time heals all wounds but the scars stay forever
somehow i knew you were still listening

you see yourself in another life
you slip away like a passerby
you're waking up in the morning light, you know you're here
you feel yourself start to change inside
you come apart like the great divide, but you won't change your mind

can't make plans, tell me that you understand
we both got somewhere to be
don't get me wrong, i still love our favorite song
you never wanted to sing, it doesn't matter to me
you're so mean
she says she knows that my friends are all pot smoking fiends

but i won't pretend like i have all the answers
when's the last time you've had something to eat?
got to the end but i'm stuck on it after
hanging around when there's nothing to see

the end is near, the path is clear
the words keep ringing in your ear
you couldn't hide your deepest fear
the sacred eye, the holy tear
the hourglass falls from your hand
the endless miles of golden sand
i saw a light behind your eyes
the inner workings of your mind
you're like a fire in the night
a burning light a flashing sign


released June 8, 2014
Austin Burkey on drums



all rights reserved


line leader Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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