Houses of Water

by line leader

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released June 7, 2019

In Loving Memory of Ben and Bryan

The Players on the Record:
Buck, Adam, Kyle, Anthony, Sean, and Yahn

Dan Thomas played brass on GFV
Kevin Vu played woodwind on GFV and Search Party
Stavi sang on Rooftop Cartoon and Hindsight2020

Recorded and mixed by Ethan Farmer, Mad Dragon Studios
Mastering by Andy Clarke

Special thanks
Ty Miller, Denise Clark, Kevin Brusha, Jess Foster, Hank Byerly


all rights reserved



line leader Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

buck, clarko, adal, sooch, bless

band photo by Stavi Xinou © 2017

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Track Name: Dragon Kite
one door closes, another opens
that's how i've always lived, it's worked for me so far

you leave the house like ha ha ha
have a look around
used to make me laugh like ha ha ha
had to see you one more time

grinning through the auburn leaves
contorted in the wind
with glowing eyes and tongues of fire
held only by a string
dancing and turning you notice a dragon kite flying through the sky
Track Name: Year of the Rocket
how long will this consume me?
well it's been a while since i've come up for air
wash over, pass right through me
cross my heart and sell my soul and face my fear

you provided transportation,
picked me up when i was broken down
on the side of the road
like a punch to the throat
my lunatic, so much love to give
until you feel drained
your heart's in a tailspin

slipping past the turnstile
i was out before they opened up the gates
first year of the rocket
on the one that's bound to make it all the way
(for goodness sake)

but what about our hearts?
what about our bodies when they're far apart?
and could they remain
still one and the same?
Track Name: Song for B
another year in paradise spent withering away
meanwhile on the other side they're laughing in your face
so come on down, we have ourselves a winner
it's a five star heaven, i'm a wide-eyed believer
i would give anything to stand with you now
you could push anything, no fraction of doubt about it

off in your way of always disappearing
or stopping to stare, take it in
take a picture, it will last longer

oh, i'd know you anywhere, it's been you this whole time
my dearest enemy, reflection of mine

oh, who set you off?
and who led you on?
well B's on their way
and they won't be long
Track Name: Common Ground
common ground, head filled with doubt
heavy drought, wishing for rain to fill up my mouth
red letters, low-hanging clouds
i met you in the bottom of a swimming pool emptied out

local gangs, my 40 thieves
trouble hangs, yeah it fills up the air
floats on the breeze
666, the mark of the beast
i saw you through the window of a passing train headed east
Track Name: Great Valley Flyer
any other time i could let it go
but something didn't sit right in my soul
breathing in sync, how could i forget?
sailing for the end like a train, like a jet
everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
guess i got exactly what i deserve
think i know the reason why you stay up late
black cross, Blue Smiley
Track Name: Evening Song
Benji was a hell of a liar
boy could talk his way out a cage full of tigers
caught up at a crime scene crying

Now he's moving on in the evening,
sun setting low feel the change of the seasons
a couple things left to believe in,
number one:

Stav collaged a thousand dreams she cut out of a magazine
and draped you in a tapestry of stars

This will be our year, took a long time to come
Still feel you with me even now that you're gone

I hung a couple stars on the ceiling,
staring at the wall where the paint started peeling
post-apocalyptic vacancy feeling-
no one home

But I saw you through the hazy glow
of my new favorite TV show
called, "It's the Ones We Love Who Hurts Us Most"

One day we'll all look back on this mess and laugh
Spoke to your heartbeat, laid my head on your chest

You can't back yourself into a cage,
drive yourself half insane
only when you've run out of time
only when there's no place left to turn
Stuck in your same old ways
you still refuse to change
and still expect me to behave
and play along with all your little games
You gotta take care and say goodbye
Track Name: omw
if i could return to my father's birthday
if i could celebrate our safety
i'd wake up early, walk to your place

but oh my brother, i'm so caught up
i keep on tripping on the small stuff
Track Name: Rooftop Cartoon
small town waitress in an ambulance
two strangers on a rooftop singing words long forgotten

quick roll through the routine
new sketches from that unwinding vision
cut a cloth for a blindfold or a tourniquet

pull me under, hold me up
deja vu, my day dream dropped
hold me under, pull me up
my saving grace, my fatal flaw

drifting through the trees now
on the edge of agelessness
keep my tongue inside my cheek just for the moment
speak no more now child, we must be movin on

meet me in the middle or meet me on the outskirts
redirect the course to follow in your footsteps
trail behind impatient
at least it won't be long
Track Name: Empty Planet
every now and again i surprise even myself
empty planet and still, i get by, i'm fine by myself
but when i'm not alone, something more to show

stressed out, bent out of shape
and for what? you got nothing to lose
ice age, nuclear death, global warming still pales to the blues

yeah you wind me up just to let me go

like i'm coasting downhill
like i'm drinking my fill, right?
cuz we don't have work in the morning
like we resurrected a way of living right

a long time out, a long way back
to change it now, to make this last
you want it bad?
know that all they ask, your entire life spent working towards it
so when you finally hold it will you know?

left me stranded on an empty planet waiting
Track Name: Sinking In
i've been thinking bout sinking my teeth and sinking in deep

neon signs to usher me in and light my ascent
somehow i knew where to begin, start over again

in disbelief, houses of water run through my fingers
slow release, hollowed out and traced it back to when i first could see
now i'm the type of girl who knows what she wants
i've come too far to turn around and give it up
too high to fall and let go now

drifting on through the night,
hold on for dear life now
one hell of a ride

sinking, deep as the knife
or deep as the ocean, deep as the sky

i've been digging my hands in the earth, my roots in the dirt
you're the reason i laugh when it hurts, i smile when it's worse

Amelia, someone finally had the guts to stick it out with ya
shoplifting flowers, pressed in a book and sealed away
and when i finally came back down my words were too fast for my mouth
Track Name: Hindsight2020
i hope that when i die i get to go back to the 90s
i'd do it all again
maybe next time things could be different
well no one chose the game
i heard em calling out my name and answered

like a bitter ghost, how far away you float
neither one of use knows how long is left to go

i guess when looking back they say that hindsight is 2020
yeah this that coup de gras
consider this your final warning
might not be coming back
i hope to God there's something after

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