live in july cassette

by line leader

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released August 7, 2015

sean clark - guitar and vocals
austin burkey - drums
jake scallion - bass

recorded and mixed on 4-track cassette by jake scallion

cover photo taken by Lina Xinos

physical cassettes limited run of 100



all rights reserved


line leader Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: east coast beach ghost
they should make a holiday in your name
and put it on your birthday
i should bring some flowers down to your grave
for the day you left me

coals burnin low
watch it glow til it's gone
ghosts movin slow up the coast
movin on
all the creeps, and the burnouts
out of touch, out of reach, as it turns out
they're still the ones havin all of the fun
your folks just hold you up and your friends are a letdown
the smoke might choke you up but as long as the sun's out
you better hold that shit deep down inside

took my baby to the ocean
came crashing down with the seasick notion
one day my love will swallow me whole
took my skateboard thru the graveyard
you died 100 years before i was born
but i've heard all of the stories before
hazy day comin back in waves
play with my emotions
can't explain, can't behave, baby i'm your slave
tear my heart right open
Track Name: shortcut
you want to take on the town
or find another way back out
you set it up to knock it back
down through the mess and the crowd
your friends have all gone home by now
you're just a bitter taste in my mouth

now i'm not a hopeless wanderer anymore
a new love will let me in
made peace with the past and now i'm looking for
the secrets that hide within

and i want to know of my hero's love
is she sweet?
caught in between?
you got it out for everybody else

you got a problem with me, you better say it to my face
you got yr apathy, you know a shortcut left to take
Track Name: jaded
you're never actin your age
your momma say
you been actin deranged

and i been gettin the shakes
i hear your name
i can picture your face

so where will i go when i'm older?
will i be standin there next to you?
maybe i'm just a little bit jaded
when it comes to lovin somebody new

you're never catchin a break
but it's okay
every day ends the same
and you been lyin awake
you can't complain
dreams get washed down the drain

so where will you go when you're older?
will you be standin here next to me?
cuz i think you're probably my favorite
and i know i want your soul to be free
Track Name: headcold brainfreeze
i need a drink that's gonna freeze my brain
i wanna feel it rushin through my veins
so cold i'm turnin blue
yeah you're my favorite type of pain

i'm blaming mercury in retrograde
i got a failure to communicate
my mouth can't find the words
my eyes are seein darker shades

to escape the heat
so you're trapped in shadows
dodgin cats on streets
stick to the basics
(like a brainfreeze)

i need a girl who's gonna keep me sane
i need a girl who's gonna ease my pain
but when i feel alright
my baby says she can't relate

can't fight the urge
need a power surge
i could cause a power outage down my street
(like a brainfreeze)
Track Name: left
you got everything i need
i'm so confused why you'd ever wanna leave
nothin but the voice in the back of my brain
says i better leave it alone
never thought that i was causin you pain
guess you better leave us alone

you got 6 feet underground
gone in flames
left us feelin down and out
never met such a babe in my life
boy you got a hold on my soul
musta been hard to shine so bright
burnin like you're out of control

doomed to oblivion
watching all the stars and planets fade away
you moved to a different one
wish i found the words i knew could make you stay
Track Name: floater
roamer, where do you come from?
floater, you got your head up above
but how close can you be, just visting?
the feeling that you seek, envisioning

dreamer, are you a lost cause?
schemer, you got some dirt on your paws
let the river wash you clean
and let the boat rock you to sleep

and when you dream do you witness the void?
or can you see? wide awake, clinging to a voice?
shimmering ripples fall from behind
an echo into the back of your mind
from the base you've started to climb
to the lofty peak of the shrine

my inspiration
golden, just like the rays of the sun
but the sun don't always shine
still afraid of what you'll find

lurkers on the horizon
nervous to think they've already won
tormented by the living
you forget to keep on giving

drifting free like a ghost in the night
you shed the mask you were hiding behind
yeah i can tell from the look in your eyes
you lose yourself, lose your grasp on this life
floater please, show me how to rewind
can't we both meet again at the shrine?